Our Worship

Our Sunday worship celebrations include a blend of modern Christian music, traditional piano and organ led hymns, and projected music videos. Together they create a joyful yet reverent worship spirit.

When You Visit

When you visit Christ for All Nations the first few times here is what you can expect.


1.Feel free to park in our spacious parking lot. From Woolsey Street turn up the hill on Goettingen Street to enter the parking lot. It’s one of the best church parking lots in the City!

2. After parking (there are two/three blue placard/disability spaces available), head towards the middle double glass doors to access the second level Fellowship Room, Conference Room and Administrative Offices for 9:00 am Adult Bible Class.

3. Or if arriving for the 10:30 am Sunday worship service you may also enter from the parking lot through the double glass doors on east side/end of the building facing Goettingen Street. Come early for coffee or tea at 10:15 am. Feel free to bring your cup into the sanctuary. If you’d like please introduce yourself and get a tour of the facilities before or after the service.

4.If you are arriving as a pedestrian you may access the parking lot level entrances through the driveway on Goettingen Street or the Woolsey Street stairs near Somerset Street.

There are no entrances open on the ground level on Sundays.


Food pantry participants can park in the lot and proceed to the lower level food pantry lines and entrance.

What is Sunday Worship like at CFAN?

Our worship services are led by Pastor Terry Chan and may involve lay leaders and musicians. Being a small church, everyone is involved! The atmosphere is warm and friendly and the style is a blend of classical, liturgical and modern contemporary music. We use the piano, djembe, drums, guitar, chimes, percussion, and on occasion even an organ. We like it all!

The songs are usually sung throughout the service. The sermons are usually between 15-20 minutes long give or take a few. Most sermons are recorded and available online later in the week (see our sermon link). A printed bulletin is available and is also projected onto a large screen.

We celebrate Holy Communion usually on the first, third and fifth Sundays of the month. We invite worshippers to come up to the altar and kneel to receive the Sacrament. Those who prefer to remain in the pews and not navigate the three steps to the altar can indicate to the usher that they wish to receive Holy Communion from their seat and it will be brought to them. We use real wine but grape juice and gluten free wafers are available. During COVID we are using sealed wafer and wine packets that easily peel open.

During COVID the offering plate is located by the front pew below the large screen. Donations can also be sent directly to the address listed in the Sunday bulletin. Our friends and members donate to support our overall ministry and we do not expect our guests to donate but if you do we will gladly provide a tax deductible receipt at the end of the year if you provide your contact and donation information.

And if you have a birthday coming up join us! We have a congregational celebration of birthdays and other special occasions, usually on the fourth Sunday of the month. Checkout our calendar for details.

Missional Communities

Returning soon. Check back for details.

CFAN Gathering: Thursdays 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM meets at church

We value gathering together during the week to share and encourage one another in our daily mission journey with Jesus. The focus of our missional gatherings is the five practices.

The five practices are effective at positioning us for enjoying people and seeking, recognizing and responding to what Jesus is doing in their lives. The five practices are:

  1. Seek the kingdom – being sensitive to the idea that God is already at work in our neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, and condos. (What is Jesus already showing me? What is He inviting me into?)

  2. Hearing from Jesus – reading the Word of God, especially the Gospels and listening to what He says and watching what He does and then asking yourself, “How does Jesus want me to respond?”

  3. Talking with People – Jesus can do more between people who are talking than He can between people who are ignoring each other.

  4. Doing Good – What you wish you could do for many do for one. Be a “blessing person” to those you encounter. What good can I do in the places I live, work or go to school?

  5. Ministering through Prayer – How can I help people by praying with them?

Are you interested in joining Jesus in his mission in your neighborhood or circle of influence among family and friends? The five daily practices put us into position to join Jesus on His mission. You are welcome to attend one of our gatherings.